Makettt will manage Circularium!

Brussels 24 march 2020

The next 5 years, Makettt will manage and help shape the Circularium project on behalf of D'Ieteren Immo. As a new player, Makettt will immediately start working on a big mission. However, with experience as managers of some of the largest transitional projects in Brussels such as SEE U and Studio Citygate, Jonathan Ectors and Gerd De Wilde from Makettt are ready to rumble.

Circularium is the transformation of more than 10,000 m2 of industrial space in a center dedicated to local innovation and circular production, in a positive and dynamic connection with the neighborhood. It is these forward-looking, innovative and social ambitions of D'Ieteren Immo that Makettt also wishes to propagate in the projects it will co-develop. Within this project, we will bring together different actors on the themes of circularity, production and flexibility and we will take care of the local community, coordination and general management of the site.

"Cureghem is a neighborhood in full transformation, it will be an exciting experience for us to experience it up close over the next 5 years. In addition, the development of the traditional economy towards a circular economy is slowly approaching cruising speed. We want to contribute to that dynamic with the Circularium project. " say Gerd De Wilde and Jonathan Ectors, founding partners of Makettt.

"D'Ieteren Immo has chosen Makettt as the new Circularium manager to ensure the local anchoring of the project. This agreement makes an important contribution to the dynamism of the spaces and for the future users of the Circularium. Our ambitions and our strategic visions are perfectly aligned, '' says Paul Monville, general manager of D'Ieteren Immo.