Jonathan Ectors

Since August 2018, Jonathan has been head of the transitional management project SEE U within the group Cr̩atis РD-side Group РThird Pole on behalf of the Urban Development Company (SAU) of the Brussels Capital Region. As such, he led the programming strategy, the team, the recruitment of occupants, property management, the installation of the velodrome, events, communication, the community of residents and partnerships.

SEE U is today the largest transitional real estate project in Belgium with more than 25,000m2 dedicated to innovation, culture and sustainability. Since April 2019, SEE U has more than 100 active resident projects and has gathered more than 80,000

Gerd De Wilde

Gerd has a rich professional background with experience in the cultural, social and events sector and also as manager and coordinator of several large projects. As project manager of Studio Citygate, he managed and developed a 20,000 m2 transition project in Cureghem.

As an anthropologist, he has a good understanding of urban dynamics and a refined understanding of the multicultural context. In his spare time, he is a music collector and compiles the history of Belgian music (Discophilia Belgica).