Date Concept proposal
Surfaces 2700 m2
Address Boulevard Du Midi 150, 1000 Bruxelles
Customer Belspo

What we do for it

Makettt designed and proposed a new program, identity and management scenario for the Hallegate museum in Brussels. The museum opened in a historical building in early 2000’s but has been suffering from lack of vision and decreasing visitors for years.

What it is?

BELSPO (Belgian Science Policy Office), a federal institution responsible for coordinating and implementing science policy has been managing the program and content of the Hallegate museum since its inception. Due to a reorganization of its portfolio of museums under its management they decided to set out for a quest for inspiration to create a new vision, content and potentially management of this historical building. Makettt made a proposal that reinforced and complemented its current use and appeal, adding co-creative and hospitality elements to the mix. The process is currently ongoing.