Date 01.10.2023 – …
Surfaces 2700 m2
Address Vier-Windenstraat 149, 1080 Molenbeek
Customer Revive

What we do for it

Makettt is consulting Revive in how to accommodate productive activities on the ground floor of the Tannat project. Being a residential building block in a dense urban fabric Tannat represents a number of major challenges to successfully accommodate and program the extensive ground floor.

What it is?

Revive will breathe new life into the old warehouses of Cinoco, a former wine merchant, and redevelop them into 79 rental apartments with shared indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as 2700 m² of flexible workspace at Tannat. The name ‘Tannat’ is inspired by a delicate grape variety known for its elegant maturation.

At Tannat, living and working will seamlessly blend together. On the ground floor of the building a fully economic base will be provided, available for local entrepreneurs. The focus will be on three themes, carefully selected and aligned with the economy of Molenbeek: learning, creating, and dining. The base is equipped with 2700 m² reserved for economic activities, and over the coming years, we will fill these spaces in collaboration with our tenants.